Quality in every part

We have been producing parts using injection moulding for over 50 years. Today we produce more than 100,000 parts a day at our two sites. We have at our disposal tools from our own toolmaking department and more than 40 automated injection moulding machines. The maximum injection weight is 250 grams. Our machines are fitted with handling units to sort the components and gravimetric test units. We work with a wide variety of engineered plastics, such as PA, PPA, PPS, PPE, PEI, PEEK, POM, PC, PC/ABS and PP-TPV. The plastics engineering section of course also includes other operations, such as driving in bushings and threaded parts, or fitting gaskets and stamped or bent parts.

We produce for several sectors, such as the automotive sector, aerospace, textile machine construction, heating technology, sanitary facilities and the consumer goods industry.