Quality on tap

Our fluid technologies product sector started out in 1968 with the development of a double faucet made of brass. Over the years that followed, we gradually, but consistently extended our expertise in development. One example is the development of the double faucet into an electrically driven water valve for use in automotive heating and cooling cycles, with a plastic housing. Today we work as a technological partner accompanying our customers through the entire process from development and simulation to building the prototype and testing it in our own water laboratory. This includes our own specially designed test rigs for climatic conditions, pressure changes and shake tests. We use tools made in our own toolmaking department and jig-making unit, and have a high-performance injection moulding department boasting extensive experience. On top of this, as a technological partner, we offer our customers everything from a single source, right up to assembly. In this field we mainly work for the automotive sector, and carry out development work alongside well-known OEMs and their suppliers.

Some examples for our product development work are: design, testing and serial production of electrically driven shut-off and switching valves; design, testing and serial production of LIN-bus-driven water valves with fully variable settings.